Launching at the Farm Show and Deli Show 30th March- 1st April 2020 NEC Birmingham UK.

Four naturally delicious cracker flavours designed for Cheese lovers everywhere.

This year we are supporting the www. with three beautiful butterfly packs of Wholemeal, Wheat and Oat crackers with tapas, cheeseboards and grazing platters in mind!

New for 2020 Crackers for cheese lovers
New vegetarian and vegan friendly crackers. Designed to tempts cheese lovers everywhere. enjoy these clean recipes, free from egg, yeast, nuts and palm oil. Good enough for our kids to eat.

Why there is a Mermaid on the front of the blue pack?

We have dusted Halen Mon Sea Salt over these delicious crunchy crackers. This salt comes from the sea around Anglesea or “Mon” in Welsh, where Mermaids swim.

……..On warm days, a lone mermaid languishes in our bay. Humming and tra-laaing, bathing in the bladder wrack rock pools, this pretty vision in green and blue swishes and splashes her long tail in the warm shallows. Giggling, our Mermaid watches us ready the soaked beach towels for a feast. Our wet hair matted from wave diving and dripping into our eyes.
She twists her tangled red locks with tiny white fingers and smooths her iridescent scales and smiles as she watches us picnic through thick blue lashes. We tempt her with crumbs of a pink iced cup-cake, staring at her fascinated. Shaking her slender index finger, she points at the glinting sea-salted crackers. The Mermaid nibbles the water biscuits with needle teeth, and licks at the salt with her pale green tongue. Excerpt from a Paper – Welsh Mermaids, Habits and Dialects. www.visit Don’t forget to give her a name, let us know what you think she should be called!